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Ortega was Chosen by Google Earlier this Year for its Glass Explorer Program

Dr. Gil Ortega used Google Glass, a hands-free computer worn like a pair of eyeglasses, during surgery to repair a knee fracture at Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn Medical Center.


Ortega was chosen by Google earlier this year for its Glass Explorer program to test the device before its release to the public, according to a Scottsdale Healthcare news release.
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Scottsdale Healthcare to perform world’s first Google Glass recorded orthopedic trauma surgery.

“I think Google Glass has great potential for use in healthcare and hopefully documenting and sharing this procedure will demonstrate that,” said Dr. Ortega. “This technology allows for the video to be recorded from the surgeon’s viewpoint so you can see exactly what I see as I’m doing it. This could play a huge role in how we use video footage for medical education and intra-operative consultations.”

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Seeking “Bold, Creative Individuals”

Dr. Gil Ortega is part of the Glass Explorer program, evaluating the capabilities of Google Glass before it’s available to the public. His first test: A live broadcast of an orthopaedic procedure. Read more