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Patient Experiences

I have returned to full function thanks to Dr Ortega.

Dr Ortega put me back together after major trauma. Having multiple other surgeons look at my injuries no one else could offer me the reconstruction the Dr Ortega performed. I have returned to full function thanks to Dr Ortega. I would not let any other physician operate on me or my family.

My perfect storm arrived on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. I went for a 30 mile bike ride and came home approximately 17 days later after completing just 13 miles of my ride and after Dr Gil Ortega reconstructed my shattered acetabulum. I was fortunate that I crashed near Scottsdale Osborn Hospital and I was referred to Dr Gil Ortega by the orthopedic surgeon on-call. Six months later Dr Ortega performed an anterior total hip replacement. Although I don’t remember much from my first few days in the hospital due to a concussion, I do remember Dr Ortega stating that his goal was to get me walking normally again. It was at that moment that I realized how serious an injury I had sustained.

Our 33rd Wedding anniversary 6-4-10

Our 33rd Wedding anniversary 6-4-10

Almost three years after my first trauma surgery, and two years post total hip replacement and many, many hours of rehab, I successfully cycled 100 miles at the Phoenix Tour de Cure….an accomplishment that in May of 2010 seemed unrealistic. Although I didn’t choose Dr Ortega at the time of trauma, I have been blessed by his talent and skills. I believe he strives for the best possible patient outcome. When I struggled with recovery and rehab, Dr Ortega listened patiently, offered suggestions and even addressed my emotional trauma. I was treated with the utmost respect and offered words of encouragement and support at every step of my recovery. Dr Ortega offered me suggestions when I was concerned about the total hip implant. He shared information about the various implants and allowed my husband and me time to investigate. Cooperatively, we decided which implant would likely work the best for my age and activity levels. I may not have chosen Dr Ortega at the time of trauma, but I chose him for my total hip replacement and I highly recommend him to those who may be considering orthopedic surgery that aligns with his skills. I believe his expertise is unmatched.

-Teresa Filleman

My name is Henry Brown and I would like to tell my story of a horse accident that could have been a life changing event for a 65 year old man.

I was involved in a horse riding accident that broke both my pelvis and my sacrum on April 5, 2010. Dr. Gil Ortega was my orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Ortega placed a plate with six screws across the front of my pelvis and also a long screw that passes through my left sacrum, tail bone and right sacrum. I was restricted to a wheel chair for almost five months and for an active guy it was most difficult but I did everything the doctor told me including an hour in the sunshine everyday as part of my therapy.

I have two friends who have had exactly the same injury however, neither one of them had Dr. Ortega as their doctor. Both of my friends were treated with a different method and both are still having problems. I have had no ill effects from my injury.

The most impressive part of seeing Dr. Ortega was the fact that with each and every office visit i was seen on time or before my appointment time. I have never had a doctor who examined me within thirty minutes of my appointment but Dr. Ortega was very punctual and I really appreciate that about him.

Thanks to Dr. Ortega and his team I was riding my horse, hiking and going to the gym within seven months of my accident.

– Henry E. Brown