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First medical doctor to perform a total hip arthroplasty in 1947.

First medical doctor to perform a total hip arthroplasty in 1947.

Hip replacements in the United States have traditionally been performed through the traditional posterior approach. Only a small percentage of surgeons perform hip replacement using the Anterior Approach. However, both the anterior approach and anterior approach hip replacement are by no means new to orthopedic surgery. Nor are they “experimental”. In fact, hip replacement has been performed through anterior approaches for over half a century.

The first hip Arthroplasty performed through this approach was by Robert Judet in 1947 at Garches Hospital in Paris and a Judet acrylic prosthesis was implanted. The surgery was facilitated by operating on the Judet Table, which the modern day PROfx table is based, with the patient in the supine position. The Judet Table was originally designed by Henri Judet, an orthopedic surgeon and Robert Judet’s father. The reasons for Judet’s choice of this approach for hip Arthroplasty are several: 1) The hip is an anterior joint, closer to the skin anterior than posterior 2) The approach follows the anatomic interval between the zones of enervation of the superior and inferior gluteal nerves lateral and the femoral nerve medial 3) The approach exposes the hip without detachment of muscle from the bone.

Since then, a small percentage of orthopedic surgeons have started performing the anterior approach. As the number of Anterior Hip patients in this country has grown, the impressive results and clear advantages have become more apparent to both the orthopedic community as well as to the public. And so the popularity and demand for this method continues to grow.

Dr. Ortega is fellowship trained in the direct anterior approach for hip replacement surgery and has seen many patient get back on their feet shortly after the procedure.

Dr. Ortega’s clinical interests include complex and challenging fractures, including the treatment of polytraumatic injuries, upper and lower extremity periarticular fractures, fracture nonunions, fracture and soft-tissue complications, pelvis/acetabular fractures, and anterior hip and shoulder replacements.  He continues his research interests with ongoing research projects in Orthoinformatics and technological advancements in relation to improving patient care, recovery and satisfaction.



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Gilbert R. Ortega, MD, MPH


Anterior Approach to Total Hip Replacements, Shoulder Replacements, Complex Fractures, Upper & Lower Extremities, Non-unions & Mal-unions, Soft-Tissue Complications, Pelvis & Acetabular Fractures.

Board Certified

American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS)

Medical School – May 2000

Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Residency – June 2005

Yale University Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, New Haven, CT

Fellowship – June 2006

Parkland Hospital, Dallas, TX


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